Larry Sims

Through his instinctive talent and charisma, Larry Sims has made a name for himself as one of the most sought-after hair stylists in the industry today.

Today he works with Gabrielle Union, Mary J Blige, Zendaya, Regina King and Tracee Ellis Ross, among others. Larry has worked with renowned photographers, including Nino Munoz, Cedric Buchet and Cliff Watts, and he has shot prestigious advertising campaigns for clients such as Armani and Covergirl.

Larry was the celebrity spokesperson for Smooth n Shine and got2b products. He partnered with Smooth n Shine to launch his first line of professional products, “Go Pro Curls”, which debuted in 2013. Larry is currently the Co-Founder of Flawless By Gabrielle Union.

Larry resides in Los Angeles and travels globally for work.

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